Relay Therapeutics Adds $400 Million in Venture Capital

Relay Therapeutics has just managed to add $400 million in venture capital during a fresh Series C round funding led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund. This is quite the substantial amount especially given the fact that it’s an advanced-investment series, which generally excites less interests and looks into bigger results.

However, Relay Therapeutics is a biotechnology start-up which is quite prepared to experiment with “protein motion” and create cutting-edge drug engine. The capital round was also backed by a number of interested investors who helped with the transaction and contributed, including Alphabet’s GV, Foresite Capital, Perceptive Advisors, Tavistock Group, Casdin Capital, BVF Partners, EcoR1 Capital, Alexandria Venture Investments were all the venture capital funds to back the intiative.

Relay Therapeutics is a fairly young company, founded only in 2016 in Massachusetts. The company specializes in analyzing the activity of proteins and analyzing their movements and patterns. It’s an ambitious undertaking which Relay Therapeutics has pursued in full.

Analyzing the activity of proteins on a deeper level in fact allows companies to create and develop drugs that can target specific diseases, starving ailments of food and letting the immune system do the rest.

Alexis Borisy, Relay Therapeutics’ chair and partner at Third Rock Ventures, has said that the extra capital will increase the scope and operations of the company, allowing it to dive right into the exploration of more ambitious pursuits.

VC investment has been significant in the life sciences sector, particularly where gene modification, disease control and aging process have been involved. There’s a lot of funding that goes into the development of life-changing scientific advancement and biology is certainly one of those. The company is interested in financing projects that will significantly improve the quality of life.

The company’s own executives have mentioned on several occasions that the human genome is at a turning point in the evolution, at a time when scientists can openly modify our genes and build humans that are built to resist ailments.

Relay Therapeutics, though, wants to make sure that it can treat diseases at first by citing the success of their early programs validates the potential of their platform to create breakthrough therapies that address a broad range of diseases.

Advancement in the medical fields are important of course, which allows companies such as Relay Therapeutics to advance their product and prepare themselves for the future. The company also added $120 million in a previous funding round, allowing it to get itself started.

The addition of nearly 3.5 times this amount in the latest funding round the company will scale its products and expand the offer to cover more segments. The real test for Relay Therapeutics will come when the organization has to start in fact fighting diseases.

Targeting proteins is smart, but human trial will be needed to actually see the efficiency of the practice. This means hundreds of hours of experimentation and protocols logging. In the long term, Relay Therapeutics is prepared to make a difference in the fight against the deadliest diseases. However, it will most likely need continuous funding as it continues to test the efficiency of its technologies and techniques. The latest round has been a success and no less.

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