Contentful Adds $33.5m in New Funds, Reinvents CMS

Contentful, the Berlin-based company dedicated to revamping content management systems the world over, has managed to add $33.5m in extra funds, signalling private investors’ confidence that the company has what it takes to bring CMS to the next level.

Founded way back in 2013, the company has been keeping apace with the development of CMS products, introducing a number of innovative solutions on its own. Contentful runs as an API-based solution, which allows admins to centralizes the entire process and have a better control over the users and all operations on the platform.

According to Contentful CEO Sascha Konietzke, the trust voted in his platform will help completely change the market and the active CMS solutions presently promoted there. More specifically, old CMS are likely to start disappearing as soon as Contentful is prepared to hit the market, Mr. Konietzke estimates.

A number of investors participated in the deal, including Sapphire Ventures, Omers Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and even General Catalyst Benchmark, Balderton and Hercules. There has been a vey marked interest in the sort of operations that Contentful has been invested in.

The company’s live earnings raised through similar operations now stand at $78.3 million, which is an impressive amount in the short history of the company on the market, building an impressive venture capital for success. Private funding has allowed Contentful to stay competitive and continue to expand against a mounting competition from traditional platforms.

Centralization is the main word of the company’s development pitch. They will seek to make the system more central than ever before, allowing admins to assume complete control over the entire solution – easily and in a manner that is not disruptive to regular users.

With most CMS, overlapping accounts could potentially undo important changes to the source code, but this is no longer the case with Contentful’s own solution, which allows everyone to track moves across the system carefully and accurately.

Konietzke has confirmed that the company will continue to seek the development of fresh products while keeping more people on the payroll. Presently, the company offers employment to 205 people who are either based in the office or work from home.

The development of successful CMS products has been one of the greatest challenges in these past years. Contentful started ambitiously, promising to offer an alternative to some of the most popular CMS systems presently on the market.

The company has not fallen short of the market, fulfilling its stated goals as a finance project and an innovator in one of the most lucrative sectors. The investment of $33.5m has been quite substantial indeed, helping the company find its bearings in an increasingly competitive world.

The future of CMS will be predicated on solutions that are capable of delivering quick and intuitive systems that will facilitate cooperation between admins and regular users who log in to update content and post new pieces of information. Centralization is key and Contentful believes to have the answer.

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