LogDNA Promises to Speed Up Loggings and Processing Power

As far as investment from venture capital goes, LogDNA has really hit the jackpot. The data just grabbed another $25 million in fresh funding to bolster data login, which will help Log DNA to spearhead new and intuitive data solutions.

Entrepreneurs Chris Nguyen and Lee Liu have an ambitious plan to address serious problems that pertain to data overload and this is precisely what they have set out to do with their company. LogDNA already has 2,000 customers and tens of thousand of users, placing the company way ahead of competitors who are trying to win the loyalty of customers and investors.

LogDNA has been bolstered by private equity for a while, but the Series B funding which brought it the $25 million is really the crowning jewel, with venture capital firm Emergence Capital helping the company with a generous $25 million instalment.

The evolution of microservices and Kubernetes has led to a point in the development of technology where new and complex algorithms need to assist the influx of data overload. According to the company, everyone in the team is happy to use the $25 million to help further develop a solution that strikes home with many users already.

Expectedly, LogDNA is based on cloud and on-premises services and has an understandable UI which will help it achieve a lot in the way of adding new customers and providing existing customers with easy solutions. LogDNA has even decided to simply matters further by letting developers utilize natural language to find the necessary information they are after.

However, LogDNA doesn’t intend to be stuck at sorting out quick data tangles for everyone. The founders and team want to focus on machine learning solutions that will truly help them take their offer to the next level as it is.

LogDNA has a tough underpinning system which allows it to cater to multiple customers and be deployed across borders with a fair degree of reliability. The company offers quite a few versions of reliable and safe logging, including SOC2, HITECH, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA, which makes for a truly well-rounded offer that is appreciated by all tech-savvy people.

LogDNA will also use the solution to help itself get an advantage over competitors such as Loggly, Logentries, Sumo Logic, and Scalyr, which are just some of the few companies that are vying for the same market share as is the company.

LogDNA truly promises shy for one particular reason only. The company promises to help everyone who needs loggings that are based on cloud systems to fully and quickly analyze the available data without wasting any time. This is crucial to increasing productivity and making the most of the lightning-speed processing of the great influx of data.

LogDNA started with a simple investment of $1.3 million, which is not as much as the company had hoped for, but it was a start that has fetched it as much as $34 million up to this date. The future belongs to quick logins.

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