InVision Adds $115m, Goes After Digital Product Prototyping

InVision is a digital design platform which has been created to test prototyping software products. The goal of the company is to create the world’s foremost tool for the purpose of prototyping software testing, only this time, a centralized platform can be used to do this quickly instead of looking for private contractors.

The company has been pushing solidly across the board to add as much venture capital as it possibly can. As a result, venture capital firms from Spark Capital (the leader of the deal) to Battery Ventures, Iconiq Capital, Tiger Global Management, FirstMark, Geodesic Capital, and Goldman Sachs have all pitched in with the sole purpose of propping up the finances of the company and helping it progress forward.

The cumulative action has led to the impressive $115 million in fresh funding from private investors. The move was well-received by the company, which will continue to pursue its impressive list of clients, adding some noteworthy names, including Twitter, Uber, Slack, Netflix, Spotify, Toyota, Amazon, and NASA.

Yes, prototyping is big business, and the allocated $115 million funds are quite impressive. The company has an absolutely staggering customer base with 5 million users onboard and 60,000 companies reaching out to its services. InVision has actually manage to raise as much as $235 million along with a handful of other investments.

The financial fates have most certainly fated the company, granting it multiple multi-million financial injections, helping it shape itself as the world’s leader in its chosen field. InVision helps its companies to create the most visually-appealing and pleasant items which will help companies decide upon their marketing strategies and push ahead with necessary changes to their selling campaigns should they suspect that a product is not quite up to par.

InVision are acutely aware of the importance of creating a product that will help you be up to the required standard and ensure that you are always managing to make a sale. Designers will feel empowered by InVision, which are looking to expand into new markets even now and offer comprehensive and most importantly – competitive prices.

Setting up proper design has always been a bit of a challenge, but InVision makes the process quite easy indeed. Streamlining everything from the design table to the actual execution of the prototype is what InVision in fact does. The company is going to focus on this and more in the coming years.

Funding is very likely to continue at the same steadfast gait. More companies are only beginning to realize the potential of paying for a prototype which can be tested among consumers in a safe environment which would avoid potential marketing debacles.

Clients are rather happy to pay and have their ideas tested rather than roll-out a product and have it recalled, leading to huge losses. InVision is the future. It has the vision and the technical savvy to execute proper prototyping solutions.

With its latest funding round concluded, the company is onto a good thing.

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