AtScale Adds $50m in Private Equity to Develop Machine Learning/Cloud Computing

The world can benefit from machine learning solutions and this is a fact. AtScale has raised $50 million from private investors to achieve just that. The company hopes to introduce machine learning to cloud data management and completely revitalize the sector. Helping machines understand cloud computing could have huge implications for the entire sector, from how data is handled to how data is distributed, allowing everyone in the chain to benefit immensely.

AtScale firmly believes in its goal and mission, and as a result, it has inspired trust in venture capital firms and other interested parties which have helped the company add $50 million in fresh funding to its offer. This is a substantial funding which will allow the company to truly break into segments it has had little presence so far.

AtScale is capable to analyze data from a number of databases from a number of systems, including AWS Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Azure SQL Data. This makes the company particularly flexible when it comes to selling its product, which will be no doubt embraced by multiple clients who want to boost performance across the board.

Having raised $50 million in fresh funding, the company is now preparing to truly make a splash in the world of Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing. Machine learning will help deliver automated provision so that a system can be provisioned for a query based on a number of attributes, believes Mr. Lynch, the CEO.

The company will be growing across multiple sectors, including Boston, Montreal, and Bulgaria. The company has enjoyed substantial investment from multiple companies, one of the most notable being Wells Fargo. More are also joining to support the company.

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that AtScale already has multiple clients who are established names and brands, including Allstate, Kraft-Heinz, JPMorgan Chase, and TD Bank. All of these companies are responsible for the management of huge internal systems, which allow them to carry out their day-to-day operations without delay.

By vouching trust to AtScale to streamline the cloud computing process, all of these companies are effectively overly-reliant on the company insofar as managing the cloud computing services comes in. The fact that AtScale has already positioned so well is emboldening and it would allow the company to re-invest the $50 million of private equity into streamlining its existing offer and delivering the top-notch solution that all customers expect.

Artificial Intelligence will be streamlined, boosting the overall productivity of the solution and making it possible for the automation of the servers. Machine learning solutions will ultimately help admins trouble shoot problems more quickly than before and streamline the offer to the point where it’s completely safeguarded against prying third-parties. Security has long been concern of companies, but AtScale promises to bring around machine learning solutions that are completely impossible to corrupt or compromise. Of course, the company will provide real-time supervision, which will allow it to follow any aberrations and act on them swiftly, guaranteeing the security of the entire offer.

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